About Seabrokers Chartering

Seabrokers Chartering AS was established in 1982. The company is located in Stavanger, Norway and provides shipbroking services to clients operating primarily in the North Sea sector and other offshore areas worldwide.

Seabrokers Chartering has grown to be one of the largest shipbrokers in the North Sea sector, based on a diverse product, proven market knowledge and trusted relationships.

  • independent offshore shipbroking company
  • offers services in all offshore tonnage, spot, therm, sale& purchase, newbuilts and development of new designs
  • Was originally established as Seabrokers AS in 1982
  • innovative, pro-active, and works for the best solutions for offering ship owners and oil companies the best products
  • professional contract negotiations and counseling
  • Offers support for our customers, allowing them to concentrate on core business
  • Established in Aberdeen and Rio de Janeiro, and also have a partnership in Færøyene and Grønland
  • Covers all the most important offshore markets “in house”
  • Are a poroud part of the Seabrokers Group, which also includes safety lifting operations, SeaSurveillance, property and a construction company.