Provides good synergies cross segments

Seabrokers Chartering AS buys 75% of the shares in Skagen Ship Consulting. The acquisition is part of Seabrokers Chartering’s diversification strategy, and gives Seabrokers Chartering a foothold in the aquaculture market. Skagen Ship Consulting was founded by two young and very good entrepreneurs, Håkon Rugland and Patrick Ramsberg, whom fit extremely well into the Entrepreneurial spirit within the Seabrokers group.


Both parties are extremely positive to the acquisition, which will strengthen the companies’ market position and bring wider experience to both segments.

Seabrokers is entering its 40th year as Shipbrokers and have a long career behind them within innovation, business development, sustainability and cost saving improvements for both shipowners as well as other clients


The fact that founder of Seabrokers, Ragnvald Albretsen, in 1982 had a vision to convert fishing boats in lay-up into offshore supply boats which in turn led to the start of the company, means that with today’s acquisition, much of the experience from the past four decades will be utilized for further growth in Skagen ship Consulting. With the current need for even more advanced ships in the Energy industry, there is a possibility and a potential for conversions of smaller offshore vessels to fish farming workboats, this in addition to newbuilds and modernization of the current fleet.


Skagen Ship Consulting has shown a fantastic understanding of the market, with innovation and quality in focus. This has led to five newbuilds and several sales for an international aquaculture market. Skagen Ship Consulting has great ambitions and their goal is to further strengthen themselves within newbuilds, S&P and chartering in the aquaculture segment. Their strategy is to work towards a greener fleet with hybrid operation or other new, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solutions.

With such overlapping strategies and the Seabrokers Group’s combined resources in several segments, there is little doubt that Seabrokers Chartering and Skagen Ship Consulting will be able to bring a new dimension to both markets.


Although these are somewhat different areas, sharing experience and innovation cross companies will be put in focus from day 1, this so that the companies’ clients will be able to gain even better products from the two companies.


“We warmly welcome these innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs to Seabrokers and look forward to an exciting future together,” says CEO Marit Cecilie Albretsen.