Rotation Control

The possibility of controlling unwanted rotation, rotate cargo and precisely place cargo in desired position without the involvement of personnel- hence crewless operation; This has been the challenge that Securalift have worked towards during the whole development process. The remotely released Hook together with the rotation control system "TwistX" will revolutionize the whole process of lifting operations and create a working environment safer than ever before.

Securalift has throughout its  10 years of development, had close dialogue with the end users of this product and done everything possible to meet the main criteria these users have.  Together we have come up with the following:

  • No modifications should be necessary on vessels, rigs and cranes
  • “TwistX” must be able to operate in tough weather conditions for periods up to 12 hours without  recharging
  • Precursor shall be as flexible as existing precursor
  • It must be possible to disconnect “TwistX” if necessary.
  • The cargo must have the ability to be locked into position and easily be rotated and controlled.
  • “TwistX” must be cost effective and easily implemented for usage
  • “TwistX” can replace the existing “whipline” ball found in offshore installations today
  • The system allows crane operator to stop, and control unwanted rotation of cargo during lifting operations
  • To position the cargo without human involvement