Breakthrough for security systems will revolutionize the lifting industry

The Seabrokers company SecurAlift AS has through many years of work developed a system that is ready to revolutionize the lifting methods used onshore and offshore.

Conoco Phillipns and Shell Technology Norway AS has recently signed a project for further forefront development.
This new project, named Twister II, shall have the capability to fully control and rotate hanging cargo.  This new system shall in accordance with recent calculations only have an estimated rotation power equalling to 10.000Nm.
This power along with preset rotation functions can be remotely controlled via radio signals from crane operator and can be fully equipped with weightcells, compass and gps in order to lock cargo and rotate it in required position.
Twister II along with our already developed system, Hookmate,  our remotely released hook, shall together be able to revolutionize the security of the lifting industry operations onshore and offshore and not to mention the harbour functions and activities. This system will be able to eliminate many dangerous lifting operations worldwide.
SecurAlift As are very proud to have been joined by to very heavy and professional companies, being Shell and ConocoPhillips and together with both national and international users of this equipment, we see a very exciting and constructive co-operation and development period ahead.