About Securalift

Dangerous situations and crushing accidents during on-deck loading and unloading operations on supply vessels, was the main reason that the Seabrokers Group in 2001 started working on their ambitious goal of achieving crew-free decks. The possibility of creating a device that rotates and places hanging cargo without manpower is now proved possible

Close cooperation with major operating and rig companies throughout the entire process, means that we today can present a solution that will revolutionize the safety of lifting operations, not only in the North Sea, but also generally within all  types of crane and lifting operations.

It is difficult to comprehend that it is possible to control and rotate a very heavy hanging device in all kinds of weather.  But with the TwistX one can not only stop unwanted rotation, but furthermore rotate cargo with full control and remotely discharge our HookX, our remote controlled trigger hook.

HookX is now fully tested and ready for sale / mass production, whilst the TwistX will undergo a final testing period before it gets released to the open market. Innovation Norway, Norsk Hydro and Statoil has during the last 8 years been involved in a major R & D project where we together have identified and mapped out opportunities and researched how the security can be enhanced by these unique products, this in addition to also adjusting the product to market needs.

Together, these products will change the crane and lifting operations worldwide forever.

Securalifts vision is to develop and commercialize products that will result in personell involvement in connection with, charge / dis-charge and rotation of heavy cargo to be discontinued, thus creating a crewless deck.  Hence, safer and more effective craneoperations will be carried out on and offshore.

Securalift AS has developed, patented, tested and marketed a number of solutions to the industry, these products are supported by oil companies like Statoil and Shell.

The Gyro based rotation control TwistX, can control and rotate cargo with a 10.000 NM precision.  This means that a crane operator can steer and rotate the cargo, regardless of weather, into wanted exact positioning. This, together with our HookX, create a crewless environment during placement of heavy cargo, which is when crushing and other accidents can happen.

The remotely controlled hook, HookX, insures that the crane operator himself can release the hook after cargo is placed in wanted and accurate position. HookX  together with the TwistX makes the perfect combination to prevent accidents occurring during lifting operations.  The HookX furthermore also works very well on its own, assisting port and base operations, where one by this usage reduce the risk of crushing and other types of accidents occurring whilst also increasing the effectiveness of the crane itself.

Remote release, lift- and attachment device is developed in cooperation with ODIM Alesund, now Rolls Royce and is specially designed for specific lifting operations within Anchor handling.

Securalift was in 2010 awarded the TEKNA Stavanger technology price for these 3 products