Seabrokers Entrepreneur Service A/S are together with MEF working towards getting fundamentation into the Norwegian school system

Fundamentation is in many ways a underdog in the building industry, despite the fact that we are the first entrepreneur on site, making the fundament of the entire building. The knowledge about the fundamentation industry is also quite low.

This is going to change.
Seabrokers Entrepreneur Service AS are, together with MEF doing a campaign towards the  school system to get fundamentation recognized as a degree. This will give people the possibility to certificated within Onshore drilling, Piling, sheet piling and well drilling.

We believe that this will increase the knowledge level in the industry, as well as securing the knowledge in the businesses..

Seabrokers Entrepreneur Services are promoting fundamentation towards schools and kindergartens, and have recently produced a children’s book to show what the fundamentation business is all about.