2 x Drilling Rig Nemek 510TS

Nemek 510TS, a multifunctional rig for challenging terrain. Handels all drilling angles and is used for drilling for water, energy wells and horizontal drilling. This is an easy operated rig with very good ability to navigate cross country.

Nemek 510TS, handle all angles, deep and shallow holes, both small and bigger diametres. This is the rig for all kinds of land drilling, energywells, waterwells,horizontal holes, anchors and foundation. The rig is very easy to transport and prepare for drilling.

  • Materiallenght up to 4 m.
  • Feedingforce, 4,7 tons
  • Drillmoment: 2600/5200Nm
  • Enginepower 122kW
  • Deathweight: about 9 tons
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