With the SANY SY50U short-tail-swing excavator, you have a specialist at your side that can prove its power especially in confined spaces.

SANY SY50U requires little space, so can work and manoeuvre everywhere where conventional machines reach their limits – in places that are difficult to access, directly next to walls and house walls, on construction sites in busy inner-city areas or on busy roads. You can rely on its responsive, precise control and on the fact that this small machine is ranked at the level of significantly larger machines in its class in terms of speed and power.

The SY50U is equipped with a particularly effective load-sensing hydraulic system. The piston pumps with a variable flow rate ensure sufficient power to carry out all operations smoothly and safely. The well-balanced combination of speed, power and precise response behaviour guarantees high cost-effectiveness with fuel in every phase: The hydraulic pump always delivers just enough oil as is actually needed.


The SY35U pays for itself. A versatile workhorse, it is a future-proof investment in performance, reliability and productivity. With a complete package of comprehensive technology, developed for maximum profitability.

The SANY SY35U short-tail-swing excavator is a little powerhouse. Its compact dimensions make it the perfect tool wherever power and manoeuvrability need to come together. Versatility is one of the great strengths of this „little“ machine. As a true all-purpose machine, it can also be equipped with powerful attachments such as a hammer or a grapple. It thus provides maximum versatility in gala

construction as well as in smaller demolition and civil engineering works, which pays off every day. Especially in the city, where there is usually little space available on construction sites, the short tail concept makes it the ideal solution for many challenges that have to be overcome every day.

The times when you had to pay for high performance with extremely high operating costs are over. The SY35U combines exemplary cost-effectiveness and performance.
The modern drive and the load-sensing hydraulic system with variable delivery rate are designed for extremely low fuel consumption in compliance with the strict emission standard 5. With two work programs to choose from, the performance of the machine
can also be specifically optimised for the task at hand.