Seabrokers Services is a company in Seabrokers Group, with headquarters in Stavanger. Our business is to facilitate and manage office buildings for customers. Seabrokers Services had an annual turnover of 139 mill NOK in 2020.

Seabrokers Services is a major actor in facility management of office buildings at Forus. We manage 275.000 sqm , and more than 5,000 employees have their offices in buildings which are operated by us. Our customers give our staff a high score on service setting, problem solving and efficiency.


Seabrokers Services employ a large staff of operations personnel such as receptionists, janitors, postmen, warehouse personnel, operations managers and office personnel.  This diversity gives us a great degree of flexibility in terms of solving customer problems. To ensure operations at all times, our personnel are trained at many of our sites.

Single point of contact

We strive to provide our customers with an easy customer relationship. We offer a single point of contact, and can assure our customers that the operations are addressed in a proper and professional manner. Each customer has a contact person to ensure that all operational services are delivered in accordance with applicable contracts, laws, rules, procedures and regulations. The contact person will plan for efficient and profitable operation, and will seek continuous improvement to achieve a cost-effective, modern and flexible operating environment.

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